Book Reviews

“Could subconscious cobwebs be undermining your success as a music educator and causing internal discord? Isn’t it enough to know about music, prep a stack of take-home practice worksheets, and hang your shingle? What could ‘implicit biases’ have to do with you, a local cello teacher, and your studio?”
Prudence challenges you to uncover your rooted beliefs about being a music educator and performer, and helps you understand how to keep them from silently sabotaging your success in the studio and classroom.  This important work has far-reaching implications for your well-being and success, yet few educators take the time or have the experience to help you get it done. That’s the gift of this book: Prudence not only knows the value that her holistic approach will bring to your professional and personal life, but she has figured out how to share it with you in a clear and applied format. So get curious, read and think through these pages, do the worksheets…seek (and enjoy!) the realignment of your artistic passions, your personal life and individualism, and your purposeful professionalism.”
– Isabella C., violinist, Louisville, KY