Filling the Gap

I work with professional individuals, universities, and colleges helping music majors in both performance and education, design personalized business plans that allow them to create teaching studios built upon authenticity and balance. This helps develop artistic, creative and financial prosperity by creating feasible business models for a life that is enriching rather than draining.

The experiences I share through speaking engagements and workshops are designed to help you discover the things that make a big difference in your confidence, and effectiveness.

In the last 35 years of working with well over 900 private students ranging in age from 4 to 80+ I have gained a very broad perspective of approaches to solving teaching challenges for both myself and my students. I have also successfully navigated non-profit incorporation, 501(c)3 application, financial record keeping, payroll, and other financial and administrative responsibilities.

I will happily work with you, or your students, to share my insights on how to create a private studio that is founded on understanding your strengths so you can begin a professional life that is authentically crafted, artistically satisfying, and prosperous on multiple levels.


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